Meridian is the Engineering Document Management solution that simplifies document management, guarantees security and compliance, maximizes collaboration at company level and guarantees a single source of information on assets, always accessible by all roles involved.

Meridian as an integrated solution


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Access to a single source of always updated documents, anywhere and at any time

It provides instant access to documents, drawings and data that are always complete, accurate and up-to-date. This ensures safety, increased productivity, time savings and efficiency optimization while reducing costs, downtime and risks. Preparing for inspections is also easier.

Collaboration between key stakeholders

It ensures a seamless flow of information between maintenance, engineering environments and external contractors so that it is easy to communicate, collaborate, transmit and rely on the latest versions of documents and information in general.

Management of the document editing process

It is possible to track changes in parallel to documents, manage the concurrent engineering method and approval processes, and automatically monitor the different versions of a document and the changes made. All this ensuring compliance without sacrificing quality and data integrity.

Maximum synergy thanks to integration with the main strategic systems used in organizations

The effectiveness of Meridian is even greater thanks to the possibility of integration with other systems adopted in the organization, allowing the company to use all resources to their maximum potential.

An efficient document management platform like Meridian allows you to:

• quickly access drawings and related technical documents;
• ensure that all team members and external contractors have the right level of access to documents and drawings;
• give team members peace of mind knowing that the version they are working on is the most recent and correct;
• optimize plant performance by accelerating the achievement of final results and reducing time and costs;
• prepare for inspections more easily.

A recent study found that the time it takes for an engineer to find engineering documentation and related drawings for a specific project has increased by 13% since 2002. The various stakeholders involved in the project may struggle to ensure the integrity of project data. engineering necessary for utility professionals to do the job.

To overcome these obstacles and ensure the integrity of engineering documentation, several utilities, engineering firms and construction companies already use Meridian. With this Accruent solution, these organizations have reduced the average search time for relevant documentation from hours to minutes while ensuring compliance with various regulatory bodies and standards . By adopting Meridian, it is possible to provide an auditable record of their engineering drawings and associated engineering asset documents.

Core capabilities of the EDMS Meridian solution

A single centralized repository of documentation
Use a single source for all engineering information, thanks to a repository that can contain:
• As-built documents and project documents
• Drawings and metadata
• 2D and 3D CAD files, BIM models, generic documents (Office, PDF, …)
• Images, flowcharts, diagrams
• Instrumentation specifications, manuals, procedures and maintenance operations
• …and so on

Digitally controlled workflows and audit trails
Control a large amount of asset documents and change projects by leveraging:
• Automated workflows to prevent human error and allow better control over document changes and approvals
• Print stamps and watermarks to provide additional information, ensure job consistency and track status updates
• Electronic signatures to confirm review and approval processes, while providing a clear audit trail to streamline compliance processes

Concurrent Engineering
The possibility of exploiting the concurrent engineering method allows you to:
• Track changes in parallel on concurrent projects
• Make changes to a document that are automatically rendered in all linked projects
• Notify project team members of documentation revisions

Securely share with systems and people
Collaboration between external contractors, maintenance, engineering and project teams is easy and everyone is guaranteed to be working on the latest version of documents. This thanks to:
• Secure and automated exchange and transmission of information
• Easy passing of comments, documents, redlines
• Robust integrations to CAD, EAM, ERP, CMMS tools to obtain the correct information flows between systems vital to your organization’s business

Industries that use Meridian

Sectors where Meridian is most used:
• Life Sciences – for which an ad hoc cloud version has also been developed, Meridian Cloud for Life Sciences (MC4LS), validated by industry experts
• Manufacturing
• Utilities
• Oil & Gas
• Chemist

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