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Residential and commercial buildings

In the context of residential and commercial design, specifically, BIM makes design more precise and flexible, capable of adapting quickly to changes in intended use or subdivision of spaces, viewing the three-dimensional model in VR mode facilitates understanding of the project by the client and the final customer.

Finally, the model complete with all the information required by the BIM methodology represents a fundamental asset for the management and maintenance of the work, significantly reducing time and costs.

Hospital structures

In complex and often large structures, such as hospitals, BIM is now a consolidated practice and often imposed by law. These structures must satisfy the need for people to coexist with sophisticated systems, guaranteeing very high levels of design which involve numerous professionals and suppliers. In such a complex scenario, BIM is decisive in all phases of the project and even more so in maintenance.

Industrial buildings

In industrial design, the main objective is to guarantee the productivity of the plant. Also in this case, the BIM methodology helps designers by facilitating the optimization of the factory layout, thanks also to specific applications such as Factory Layout included in the Autodesk Product Design & Manufacturing Collection. The digitization of systems also makes it possible to optimize the energy performance of production systems, for more information visit ECO-FACT European Projects.

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