ArcGIS Utility Network

Network Utility is Esri’s most advanced product for analyzing and managing a technology network . It is aimed above all at Utilities managers and brings together in a single environment the tools for cataloging and managing their assets and those for analyzing a three-dimensional topological network.

Utility Network is a component available both with Arcgis PRO , for which it requires at least a Standard level, and with ArcGIS Enterprise . Depending on the chosen software architecture, the differences are substantial. In the Enterprise environment, the maximum level of query, analysis and editing functions is accessed, which will also be accessible from tablets or smartphones, as well as from laptops.

Utility Network provides dedicated configurations based on the network of interest:

  • Electric
  • Gas
  • Telecommunication
  • Waterfall
    • Pressurized water
    • Gravity waters
    • Sewers

By implementing one of these data models it will be possible to simulate the behavior of the network and of each of its devices through the Trace tools . By interrogating an element we will be able to know what it contains, where it is contained and all the devices interconnected to it. The network will have topological characteristics and will be visible in 3D being able to integrate BIM data as well .

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