System Integration

One Team has been developing system integration projects for years, analyzing its customers’ processes and developing the technologies necessary for the connection between different systems and software applications. Integration projects also allow you to take advantage of CAD and BIM design technology and to provide management systems with all the information necessary for activities related to business processes such as: production, procurement, quality control, management control, accounting and work progress .

In the context of Cloud One Team systems, in addition to being an ESRI Certified partner, it has acquired the qualification of Forge Certified Systems Integrator, a certification that certifies its proven experience in system integration in the Architecture, Engineering & Construction, Manufacturing, and Media & Entertainment.

One Team’s System Integrators are able to make different systems communicate with each other and extend the functions present. In this way, a new functional structure is created that can use synergistically the potential of the original systems, thus creating new functions not present in the individual systems.

systemi integration forge
Autodesk forge certified systems integrator
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