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With the decree of the Ministry of Economic Development of May 11, 2016, the technical rules were established for defining the content of the Federated National Information System for Infrastructures (SINFI).
SINFI proposes itself as a National Information System capable of offering a mapping of all the infrastructures enabling the various utilities, within the strategy for ultra-broadband.
This system is powered by all public and private entities that own or build laying infrastructure, including local administrations (municipalities and provinces) and service management bodies (district heating, gas, electricity, water, electricity).

Populating this new cartographic information cadastre is not a trivial operation, as it requires that the data extracted from the GIS systems in place at the various parties involved go to populate the delivery data structured as per SINFI specifications.


One Team comes to the aid of customers through its products and with the experience gained over the years:

ArcUtilities Networks

ArcGIS for Desktop solution, developed for the management of technological networks through the use of standard or custom templates. It allows the editing of networks and their management in compliance with the topology and regulations. Export functions, make it possible to prepare data for SINFI.


Solution that works as a background service on a server constantly producing updated data for SINFI delivery.
ExportSINFI elaborates, after analyzing the input data, the conversion of the networks according to the SINFI Specification, constantly producing an output ready for delivery.

Data Preparation Service

One Team offers, to organizations that only want to use a data preparation service,

the conversion of the networks towards the SINFI template. After an initial analysis, a personalized quotation for the activities to be carried out will be submitted to the interested company.

In addition to the transposition of network information into the SINFI template, One Team will accompany customers throughout the data validation process, up to the correct conclusion of the delivery process.

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