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The presence of reliable and modern infrastructures is strategic for the development of a constantly evolving territory thanks to the technological innovation of recent years. One of the most advanced strategies in the railway and road sector is that of the BIM methodology, in order to optimize the design and management of construction processes.

One Team provides customers with an ecosystem made up of solutions aimed at the various phases of the life cycle of the work, starting from the initial stages of preliminary analysis up to the management and maintenance of the work.

The complexity of road and railway works makes interoperability with territorial GIS systems even more important.

A strategic control of the territory allows the monitoring and measurement over time of the physical characteristics of the work, of environmental data and of information collected during on-site inspections in order to achieve sustainability and resilience objectives from which we can no longer ignore.

Infrastructure cityscape image with a site design focus and a blue digital overlay. This infrastructure image depicts a fictional rendered cityscape showing: roads and highways, road rehabilitation, rail with overhead catenary and sleepers, tunnel, bridge, water structures, canal, water treatment plant, airport, land development and earth movement, and underground utilities. Captures the following Autodesk infrastructure segments in a single image: Transportation, Land, and Water.

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