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Virtual Reality

Virtual Reality (VR) is a powerful and interactive tool that allows you to immerse yourself in a custom-built virtual environment. Born from the gaming world, today it has taken on more practical declinations allowing you to simulate the real (or future) world and interact with it.

Thanks to the partnership with Unity, One Team is at the forefront of Virtual Reality developments and applications. To recreate the setting, GIS (Geographic Information System) data are used, displayed as a local file or as web services, a solution that allows for automatic updates of the data.

For infrastructures or buildings, however, BIM (Building Information Modeling) models are used, which show information on the entire life of the building.

Data porting is simple and effective thanks to dedicated plug-ins for Revit, Rhino, Sketchup or Navisworks while cartography is loaded via ArcGIS Maps SDK for Unity. Through Unity PRO it is possible to develop customized functions and behaviors capable of displaying simulations in immersive mode, the result can be distributed on any mobile or desktop platform.

realtà virtuale

For those who do not intend to develop custom solutions, it is possible to use Unity Reflect, a ready-to-use application that synchronizes BIM models in a virtual environment.

Finally, the collaboration with Lenovo allows us to complete the experience: by wearing the Varjo viewer connected to a duly prepared Lenovo workstation, it will be possible to immerse yourself in the virtual environment.

This latest generation viewer tracks the person’s movements and automatically adjusts the focal length, guaranteeing the user an optimal experience.

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