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FEM Analysis

What purpose does it have? Essentially, to reduce to a minimum expensive real prototyping and put on the market faster your products.

It is also needed to keep under control many structural aspects, parts worn-out, thermal transfer, vibrations, impacts, non-linearity. These are fundamental aspects to obtain reliable and efficient products, in line with the fast-paced evolution of the market.


Inventor Nastran

Inventor Nastran helps minimizing prototype making and accelerate product making, thanks to the simulation of real physical objects.
It is an advanced engineering simulation application for the creation, modification and import or reuse of finite analytical models and finite elements realized with Inventor Professional, for products o complex systems.

Inventor Nastran also provides advanced functions for the viewing and evaluation of the results, in order to offer a complete engineering analysis solution, able to guarantee that the products will perform in real environments as they did in the simulation.

It can be coupled to fluid dynamics simulation technologies (CFD) and injection-compression simulation with Moldflow, complementary to Inventor Nastran to study the product’s multiphysical (?)performances in their entirety.

Autodesk CFD

Autodesk CDF is the computational fluid dynamics simulation software used by engineers and analysts to predict in a smart way the performances of liquids and gasses and their effects on the solids that contain them. This software offers a series of powerful tools for the optimization of systems’ projects.

  • Fluid dynamics and free surfaces movement
  • Thermal management for electronic components cooling
  • BIM integration in AEC and MEP projects of HVAC systems for occupants’ comfort


The simulation software Moldflow allows for the resolution of problems related to injection-compression molding of plastic parts. The advanced tools and the simplified user interface allow to overcome the challenges linked to production, such as parts deformation, cooling channel efficiency and cycle time reduction.

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