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One Team supports its clients operating in the world of Architecture Engineering and Construction for the digitization of their processes, especially from a BIM perspective, providing consultancy, services, software and hardware for each phase of the life cycle of the work.
The BIM methodology involves the adoption of two fundamental tools: authoring software, such as those contained in the Architecture Engineering & Construction Collection of Autodesk, which allow to obtain a parametric model where to implement the information necessary for all phases of the project, construction and management of the work and information sharing platforms, called ACDat (Data Sharing Environment), such as the Autodesk Construction Cloud (ACC).

Some of the main benefits deriving from the adoption of BIM are:
• rapid and precise management of design changes since these are parametric models created using software such as Autodesk Revit and Autodesk Civil 3D.

• visualization of the model in virtual reality for design review activities thanks to the tools made available by Unity.

• possibility of predicting design errors thanks to the three-dimensional model where it is possible to carry out clash detections using special software such as Navisworks.

• transparency of information and data flows and the efficiency of communications between all the stakeholders involved in the project thanks to the integration of platforms such as Autodesk Docs and computerized management of the progress of the works also using tools for augmented reality on site (such as Unity Reflect or VisualLive).

• Optimized management of the asset in operation thanks to tools for the integrated management of the work data (such as Archibus) and support for inspection and maintenance activities (eg: semi-custom solutions such as GEMON or to be developed from scratch by exploiting the augmented reality).

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