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BIM for Manufacturing Companies

Architects, Engineers and General Contractors from all over the world lean on BIM&CO and BIMReL in order to find digital product law compliant for their Italian projects.

Would you like to be part of their next project?

Digital Transformation, which has been changing the way we live for the past years, does not exclude the construction world. In this field BIM was developed and is still developing. A method of operating that especially awards investors (in the public sector us citizens), since it allows the possibility to control and monitor the management costs of the building during its lifecycle and therefore demolish the costs without tarnishing the quality.

What is BIM for Manufacturing?

If they want to adhere to these requests as well, manufactures have to necessarily sustain investments, sometimes quite substantial. But why should manufacturers consider the BIM paradigm as great opportunity and not just an obligation? Who forces them? What do they gain? What is its purpose? How much does it cost?
The real gain that comes from BIM for Manufacturing is not (only) remaining or entering among Public Administration’s suppliers, but rather the possibility of being selected or not by designer that have to rigorously meet the specifications and the protocols set by buyers and investors both in the public and private sector. The risk faced by small Italian artisanal enterprises that only operate in the private sector, is to consider themselves as already well-equipped, without the knowledge of being so for a market that in a few years won’t exist anymore.

Turn BIM in a business opportunity

It is clear that the manufacturer for building components has the task, if they want to become gain the protagonist and be sure that their products are present in the specification items, to develop solutions and strategies that take into account the fact that all CAD and BIM software, such as Autodesk Revit, have been for a long time exporting the bill of materials automatically from the digital project. For it to happen, the manufacturer has to encourage the designer to use their BIM catalogue in their projects.

One Team Method for manufacturing enterprises

Thanks to the collaboration with its client, in the years of activity to introduce BIM processes, One team has developed its own work method that brought many companies to the structured and permanent adoption of the new work methodologies.
The One Team Method for the BIM introduction and adoption in a manufacturing company (4 steps) starts from the knowledge of the company’s processes, to then structure a thorough itinerary that doesn’t stop at training for the production of BIM objects, but involves every commercial figure, Advisors and Promoters, that usually deal with prescribers in order to make them more efficient in their effort to encourage them in the use of their BIM digital catalogue in their projects.


Basice BIM Business

Impact of BIM in business processes: realistic scenarios for companies, technical offices, companies and construction sites


Technical Training

Be autonomous in the production, maintenance and management of your BIM catalog forever
Release to One Team the
production of own objects


BIM&Co e

Publication on BIM Catalogues


BIM BusinessCoach

Engagement and communication techniques with all the designers who will use your BIM objects within their projects

The Coach

is the one who helps individuals, groups of people and companies to reach the maximum level of their performance capabilities

Let it BIM

The Portal for (in) training on BIM.
Create your professional network and discover the advantages of Let it BIM.

Let it BIM

The Portal for (in) training on BIM. Create your professional network and discover the advantages of Let it BIM.